Yellow pages listings – the SEO power of a page title

The yellow pages website is a powerful Google PR7 business directory that has many pages ranking top ten for business directory categories and listing names.

How can you make use of that power for your listing on Yellow?

What is the SEO power of a page title – especially with reference to yellow pages listings? With just the search phrases in the page content, you are unlikely to get your page ranked on Google for the phrases – another page on yellow is most likely going to be ranked.

Free business listing

The standard yellow listing you get with a business phone number is able to be added to by getting a website link as part of the paper based listing. This then gives you a link from your free online listing. The link is therefore some power flowing to your website to help it rank higher on Google.

However, the listing does not have any ability to add words to the page. Therefore you are not able to add search phrases inside paragraphs describing your business. Without search phrases in the content of your page, you have no chance at getting that page ranked for those phrases. Bronze online listing

The bronze online listing gives you an online portal you use to add a description to your online listing. You also have the ability to ask for your listing title to be changed. While you can add search phrases to your listing, without those same phrases in the title of your listing, you are unlikely to be able to rank for those search phrases.

However, I have had some difficulties with getting permission for such title changes. I am still in negotiation with yellow about getting a number of client listing titles changed. Some I have managed to have changed.

Getting your yellow listing ranked

With search phrases in the listing title and those phrases in the description of your listing you may still not be able to get your particular listing ranking. Another yellow listing may be ranking, or the yellow category page may be more powerful, and may be ranking.

Google generally only shows one url per domain in the top ten while it may show multiples in the second 10 and further down the listings. Therefore in general, it is a binary in/out. Either your listing is the top most page on yellow for your search phrase and therefore showing on Google for the phrase, or it is not shown at all in the Google search results.

Do the following Google search, and see where your listing is ranked on yellow for your given search phrase: [searchphrase]

ie health insurance quotes

If your listing is top, then you are more than likely to be the page showing on Google for the phrase.

What is therefore the next step in getting your particular listing ranked.

Getting links into your yellow listing

You now need to get links from other sites into your yellow pages listing. However, it is best to not get links from your own website, as this is a reciprocal link – yellow linking to you, you linking to yellow. Google is not as keen on reciprocal links, although they certainly still have value.

We recommend using to link to your yellow listing. We also suggest links from and other similar websites…

What should your link text be?

Don’t overdo the search phrase link text. Some link text can be the search phrases. Others can be say the url of your yellow listing, or “[businessname] listing on Yellow” etc. Any link text is good link text  in general, as long as it is varied.


With the your businesses category search phrases in the yellow listing page title, content, and then links from other sites into your yellow pages listing, you could well be able to get not just your own website, but your listing ranking in the top ten for your search phrase.