Trade Me Service Listings

Trade Me is an incredibly powerful PR7 website, and done properly, pages on its domain are able to rank incredibly high on Google.

It is possible to get your Trade Me store or services listings ranking top ten on Google for your business’s search phrases, and so push out a competitor from the top 10.

Trade Me is of course an auction website, and as such, listings expire once someone has purchased the product, and therefore it is not that productive to get an expired listing ranking well on Google. However, Trade Me provides several ways to have a permanent url promoting your business.

Store listings

The main “store” url does not allow for any wording on the page ie

  • you can see only links and listings on the page, no description about the business

However, the “About the Store” page has a lot of free form text allowed.

Store Titles

The page title of the contact page is “Storename – Contact”. If you want to get that page ranking well on Google, you will therefore need to have a store name that includes the search phrase you need to rank on Google for.

Services pages listings

You may not be interested in having a store on Trade Me, and you may be selling services that do not work so well with auctions. Trade Me has a services section that allows permanent url’s and listings.

We have been very successful at getting Trade Me services listings ranking high on Google for relevant search phrases for businesses.

The listings only show a link to your website when you are logged into Trade Me – so Google is not able to see the url. In addition, the link is a no-follow link, and so even if Google were to see it, it would provide no value to your website directly.

However, getting a link from a site is not the only reason for business directory listings…

Get your Trade Me listing ranked top 10

Done properly, you are able to get Trade Me listings ranking top 10 for relevant search phrases. This means there is one less competitor in the top 10 for your search phrase. This means another top 10 page that talks of you, therefore increasing your brand exposure, and giving you that much more traffic opportunity.

How to optimise a Trade Me store or services listing

  1. Do your search phrase research to find the most heavily trafficked phrases relevant to your business as you would for your own website.
  2. Check the top 10 competition for the phrase and determine whether you stand a chance at getting your Trade Me listing ranked.
  3. Create a listing title that includes say two search phrases and optionally your business name ” | [businessname]” added to the end.
  4. add those search phrases in descriptive sentence form text on the listing
  5. consider having a featured listing, as this means that you are listed on a more powerful category page on Trade Me, therefore more easy to get the page ranked on Google as compared to any other services listings for the same search phrase
  6. link into your listing from your websites homepage (only one page on your site), on aboutbiz, and on any number of other websites.

– since Google can not see the link from Trade Me to your website, you can safely link from your website to Trade Me. A link from your website’s homepage, is a very powerful link that will hep to get your listing ranked well.

It can take several weeks for Google to find the listing, and for Google to find all the pages that you have linked to it from. Patience is definitely needed.

The Risk

When you seek to get your listing ranked on someone elses website, you are competing with all the other pages on their website. Google most commonly only shows one url per domain on its top 10 for a given search phrase. Therefore if your listing page is only the second most powerful page on Trade Me for that search phrase, you are likely to not be shown at all on Google, rather the competing Trade Me listing will be shown.

An easy way of checking  how powerful your page is for a given search phrase, is to do the following search on Google: [searchphrase]

ie life insurance quotes

If your listing is top, then if the listing is powerful enough, it will most likely be the one that Google shows in its search results rather than a competing listing.

All the best with getting your Trade Me listings ranked top 10 on Google!

If you need any advice on how to better optimise your business’s website or how to better optimise your listings, please use our contact form.