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Get a personal or business listing on AboutBiz. With AboutBiz, you can either manage your personal reputation online, or use the directory to get more sales through your business website.

Business Listings

Your AboutBiz business profile is organised to showcase your business and link to your other business listings:

  • get yourAboutBiz listing ranking high
  • get your website ranking higher
  • get listings that promote your business ranking higher

With proper onpage wording and linking, it is possible to get your website, ¬†,, and Trade Me services listings… as well as your listing ranking top 10 for one of your search phrases.

Personal listings

Reputation management is becoming an important part of managing your online profile. Search for your name, and see what other sites are talking about you. You may have some negative listings in the top ten/top twenty that you wish to hide by pushing them down with positive listings.

Create a listing for your personal name on AboutBiz, and have another New Zealand profile website that talks positively about you.

Use your profile page to link to any of your other profile pages online, and get them ranked higher on Google.

Internationally there are a number of profile sites such as and However, these don’t rank as well as a local New Zealand website.

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