AboutBiz.co.nz is a business and personal listings website. Our goal to get your listings ranking high so there is direct traffic from Google to your listing. If you are able to link into your listing from a variety of places (not from your own website), then your listing will rank higher.


Listings are $99 + GST ($113.85) per year that needs to be paid before the listing will be approved. AboutBiz is a division of SearchMasters – payment  is made to [email protected] via the following paypal/credit card portal. It is our goal to approve listings the same day as payment is received.

AboutBiz Yearly Subscription $99 + GST = $113.85

How to write up your listing

  1. The first data entry point is your main search phrase. Use the Google keyword tool to find the search phrase with the highest traffic and the most relevant to your business.
  2. Check the competition for the phrase, and decide on a phrase that while is competitive, that you stand a chance of being able to get your listing ranked on Google for the phrase.
  3. Include that phrase in the “main business search phrase” box – you may include several comma delimited phrases in there
  4. Include the phrases and several combinations of them in the business description of your listing. Include at least 100 words – Google prefers a good amount of text on pages that it ranks
  5. Use UNIQUE text – don’t copy the text from your website or other listings
  6. Use the listing to link to other listings that are similarly properly onpage worded


Other listings

Google prefers links from sites that exist for other things apart from SEO. We therefore suggest that you have listings on the likes of Finda.co.nz, zoomin.co.nz, yellow.co.nz, about.me, localist.co.nz, trademe.co.nz and infonews.co.nz … These are great business directory websites that work hard to maintain quality.

If you properly word the listings (synergy between title and content), then link into them from AboutBiz and from some of the above listings, you are likely to get both your website and any one or more of the listings websites ranking well.

We recommend that you link into your AboutBiz listing from Zoomin.co.nz, about.me, infonews.co.nz… With incoming links into your listing, your listing is likely to rank well on Google for its search phrase.

Please do not link from your own website into AboutBiz.co.nz – while there will certainly be reciprocal links with some of the listing sites, it is better to be safer with your own website and not have a reciprocal link between AboutBiz.co.nz and your site. Just one way into your site.

What link text to use

While you can have several link texts that are a number of related search phrases, it is better to have a good number of just the url being the link text. Google is not appreciating overdoing of link text.

Reputation Management

If you have as the main search phrase of your listing, your personal name and include that name in the description with some inbound links, you are likely to get your listing ranking well and so pushing down some negative listings about you.

In addition, if you use aboutbiz.co.nz to link into other listings, you are likely to get them ranking better and so further push down negative listings.

 How to link to AboutBiz.co.nz

Very carefully!!!!! Please!!!!!

You need to link to your listing to be able to get it ranked for your search phrases.

However, please take note of the following:

  •  Please use a variety of link text – some being just the url’s, others business name and search phrase, others being search phrase and business name, and variations of the search phrase
  • use unique wording around the link text – Google is wanting “editorial” content, therefore wording must be unique
  • work at only having one link to a page per website – certainly not whole of site links via a template
  • better to not have reciprocal links where possible. Or certainly not direct Page A to Page B, and Page B to Page A.
  • even three links into a listing page can be sufficient to get it some power to feed the other links from the page
  • over time, the website will become more powerful and listings will rank more easily